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The 14th International
Young Physicists'

22nd to 29th May, 2001
Espoo, Finland


The 14th International Young Physicists´ Tournament will be arranged in Espoo, Finland, at the end of May 2001. On behalf the Finnish National Board of Education I have the pleasure of welcoming you all to the springly Finland!

The tournament and the preparations preceding it offer you a fantastic opportunity for hands-on experimentation in physics, for learning together and for scientific discussion in a language foreign for most of you, in English. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to make friends with other students and teachers from all over the world, and to enjoy the beauty of the Finnish nature and the interesting cultural program.

I wish you all most successful training for the Tournament!

Jukka Sarjala
Director General
The National Board of Education in Finland


Tapiola Upper Secondary School will arrange the 14th International Young Physicists´ Tournament. I cannot even imagine better environment for this demanding tournament than Espoo. Our city is the home of the Helsinki University of Technology and many other educational institutions. The Tapiola area has rapidly become the leading technology centre in northern Europe.

The area around the Helsinki University of Technology includes a number of internationally reputed research units. Also located in this area are the Innopoli technology centre and the Otaniemi science park. Espoo is known for its creativity and expertise.

As a City Mayor I wish you all welcome to Espoo. I hope that you will enjoy innovative spirit of Espoo and have a very succesful Tournament!

Marketta Kokkonen
City Mayor

This year's IYPT is sponsored by:

The City of Espoo Ministry of Education
Nokia The Tapiola Group